Which Shorthair Cat Breeds Are the Most Affectionate?

Believe it or not, there are affectionate cats – it’s not just a dog thing. These felines enjoy the company of humans and (dare we say) even crave the attention.

Want a friendly feline, but don’t want to endure all that hair? No problem. We have ‘clawed’ our way through the purebred lists and have found the most affectionate cat breeds with short hair.

Warning! You might want all six of these cuddle monsters!

The Burmese Cat is a Lap Cat

Love, affection, and the loss of your privacy are three things you can expect out of the Burmese cat breed. From bathroom breaks to cooking, the Burmese cat will be right there to join in on the “fun” or to lend a helping paw.

Of course, sitting on your lap or sleeping next to you in bed are both high priorities for this friendly breed. And don’t even think about shooing her away, as the female Burmese cat is the very epitome of “queenliness” – she loves the attention, and of course, is in charge of everything!

Plus, the Burmese cat doesn’t just shower his pet parents with affection; guests will also receive all the furry love they can handle. 

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds Fact: Did you know Burmese cats aren’t just cuddly, they’re smart, too? You can teach them to sit, stay, come, and even fetch!

The Siamese Cat is Cuddly & Chatty

If you’re looking for a companion that isn’t just a cuddle-muffin, but chatty too, then look no further than the Siamese cat. This breed is known for its ability to respond to its human through several different vocalizations. Siamese cats are also very fond of their pet parent and want to be included in all the goings-on of the household.

Have children? No problem. The Siamese cat does well with little ones that know how to handle the feline species properly. Plus, this breed is quick to learn tricks and fetch.

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds Fact: Did you know the Siamese cat once had crossed eyes and a crooked tail? These traits were, of course, bred out of them over time.

The Sphynx Cat Wants Love

Sphynx cat, hairless cat breed, affectionate cat breedWe promised you the most affectionate short-haired cat breeds, but what about one that doesn’t have any hair at all? That’s right. The Sphynx cat is almost bald! Even though he may look like someone turned him inside-out, this breed is exceptionally social. He loves everyone he meets, even those of the canine species.

The Sphynx cat loves to cuddle with his human companion, both on the sofa and under the covers at night. When he’s not a snuggle-bug, the Sphynx cat enjoys interactive toys, climbing, and exploring his surroundings.

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds Fact: Did you know the Sphynx cat isn’t really bald? These felines are covered in fine down-like fuzz.

The Tonkinese Cat is One of the Friendliest

Aloof. Independent. NOT the Tonkinese cat. This breed is one of the friendliest cat breeds around. It loves nothing better than to sit on a warm lap, ride around on someone’s shoulder, or just demand your attention until he gets it.

The Tonkinese cat has a clownish personality, but he can be a bit stubborn at times. The breed is smart, mastering any puzzle toy you can find. Plus, he will give you a good “talking to” when he has something to get off his chest.

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds Fact: Did you know the Tonkinese cat is so easygoing and loving that it does well with seniors, children, and even dogs.

The Scottish Fold Wants its Humans!

If you are away from home for long periods each day, then the Scottish Fold is not the feline companion for you – this cat WANTS its humans! The Scottish Fold craves attention whether that be by playing, snuggling, or just hanging out with you on the sofa.

Scottish Fold CatThe Scottish Folds favorite pastime is anything involving his family members. He will also comment when necessary in a chirpy, yet sweet voice.

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds Fact: Did you know the Scottish Fold is known for its unique sitting positions? There’s the ‘Buddha’ (sitting on the haunches), the ‘Froggy’ (legs stretched behind while lying on tummy), and the ‘Dead Bug’ (all four feet up in the air while lying on its back).

The Bombay Cat is Super-Snuggly

Bombay shorthair cat seeking affectionThere is so much to admire in the Bombay cat breed. From its ink-black smooth coat to its loving and devoted personality, the Bombay cat is one of the friendliest cat breeds around. This feline is very adaptable to any situation, making it ideal for apartment dwellers, children, and even homes with dogs.

The Bombay cat has a super-sweet disposition and wants nothing more than to be with its human companions. You can expect a cat on your lap when you settle in for the evening and a bed-mate that will most likely snuggle up close to you under the covers.

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds Fact: Did you know the Bombay cat is nicknamed the “Velcro Cat?” This is because this breed has a habit of “sticking to” their pet parents. 

Now that we have given you the most affectionate cat breeds, have you decided which one is right for you? Before you adopt a cat (or any pet) be sure to seek out a reputable breeder or rescue organization. A little research will go a long way in ensuring you get a healthy, happy companion.