Which Cats Can Be Left Alone?

Cat cuddle, independent cats, which cats can be left alone?Would you love to have a cat, but are out all day working, or running around carrying out errands? Wouldn’t it be lovely coming home to a loving but independent cat? Maybe you’re wondering then which cats can be left alone?


Most people view cats as independent creatures that don’t necessarily care if their humans are around or not (except at mealtimes, of course!). But as aloof as the species may seem, cats still want (and dare we say) may even crave attention from their human companions.


Read on to discover some interesting facts on whether cats get lonely, how long you can leave a cat alone for, and the top 5 shorthair cat breeds that don’t mind the solitude.

Do Cats Get Lonely?

Cats by nature are social beings that will get lonely if left to their own devices for long periods of time. Cats can also become depressed and may suffer from separation anxiety. The problem lies in the fact that cats exhibit separation anxiety with subtle symptoms such as not using the litter box, being more clingy, and with excessive meowing, so once the pet parent notices the negative behaviors, it is usually severe.

How Long Can You Leave a Cat Alone?

All cats are different, so how long your can leave a cat alone for will vary on the animal’s age, health, personality, and its daily habits.

A general “rule-of-paw” is based on age;

  • Under four months – 2 to 4 hours
  • Four to five months – 5 hours
  • Six months – 8 hours
  • Healthy adult cats – 24 to 48 hours.

Cat tree, cat scratching post, cat condo, cat tower, scratching postWhen you are planning to leave your cat alone for any length of time, be sure it has access to fresh water, a safe place to sleep, and toys to help pass the time. If you are leaving for extended periods, then be sure the cat cannot get into poisonous plants, or household products, and there is more than one bowl of water and dry kibble available. It’s also recommended to have a trusted friend or family member stop in to check on your pet. Leaving a radio or television on in the background can also help a cat feel less alone.


Which Cats Can Be Left Alone? Top 5 Breeds


These top 5 short haired cats aren’t clingy and don’t mind being left alone.

1. The Ocicat

The beautifully spotted coat of the Ocicat is just one of its amazing qualities. This short haired cat is available in 12 colors and patterns and is an athletic, solid, and a well-muscled feline. Although it is devoted to its pet parent, it is not a clingy breed, and is confident enough to amuse itself when you’re away at work or play. However, since the Ocicat is a very social creature, breeders recommend you have another cat or pet to help your Ocicat pass the time.

2. The American Shorthair

This shorthair cat breed was once used to keep vermin away from the food stores and still retains these hunting abilities today. It enjoys learning new tricks and being kept amused with interactive puzzle toys. The American Shorthair is quite independent and does not like being carried around; however, it still enjoys the company of children and cat-friendly dogs.

3. The Russian Blue



The steel “blue” dense, soft coat of the Russian Blue is so luxurious you will want to bury your face in it every chance you get. Personality-wise, this shorthair cat does love its human companion, but isn’t so clingy that it cannot be left alone. In fact, this breed will seek out a quiet secluded spot to rest in.


4. The British Shorthair


This short hair cat is an easy-going pet that will follow you around the home, but is not a “me me me” type of animal. The British Shorthair won’t require a warm lap to curl up, but is content to just hang out beside you. The breed is active during kittenhood but turns into more of a couch potato as the years go by. Another nice trait about this breed is it won’t destroy your home, but rather behave with proper manners.


5. The Exotic Shorthair


This cat breed has a scrunchy face similar to the Persian cat, and may look like its always in a bad mood. However, that trait couldn’t be further from the truth. The Exotic Shorthair loves to play and is very affectionate. If you are away from home, that’s okay, as the Exotic values its independence and “me time” too! 


Now that you know which cats can be left alone, perhaps you would like to discover more about these independent cat breeds (for more detailed cat profiles, click here)? Once you have found the perfect feline for your busy home or work schedule, be sure to research reputable breeders or rescue organizations before you make your final decision.