Top 5 of the Best Cats for Catching Mice

Cats have many good attributes, but not all of them are the best cats for catching mice. Some felines are just too lazy, while others don’t possess the “killer instinct.”

If you’re wondering which breeds can get the job done, read on.

Top 5 of the Best Cats for Catching Mice

1. The Burmese Cat

Burmese Cat, cat with short hair, low shedding cat One of the best cats to hunt mice is the muscular and curious Burmese. This feline is often described as a “brick wrapped in silk” (a testament to its super-soft coat and solid build). The breed is highly intelligent, so it will figure out the best way to catch a mouse. The female Burmese will definitely “rule your home with an iron paw,” so she may prove herself to be the best hunting cat for the task.

However, if you’re looking for an outdoor cat to keep your barn pest-free, the Burmese is not your feline. This cat needs to be a part of the family unit and thrives on the love and companionship of its humans.

2. The Siamese Cat 

Siamese cat sitting in grass, siamese cat breed, pedigree cat, purebreed cat, purebred cat, low shedding catThe startling blue eyes and angular body of the Siamese are just a couple of its engaging and tantalizing qualities. This breed is also intelligent, agile, athletic, and loves to play. Whether that be with a fun toy, or chasing vermin around your house, having a Siamese around is one of the best ways to get rid of mice – just know that you may also have to have a lengthy conversation with your Siamese after he drops the “prize” at your feet.

As with the Burmese breed, the Siamese will also not do well kept away from its humans, so indoor-hunting only, please.

3. The Chartreux Cat

Chartreux, Chartreux Cat breed, short haired cat breed One of the best mouse hunting cats is the Chartreux. This feline is stealthy and quiet with superb timing and pouncing abilities that are no match for a small rodent. His agility and acrobatic antics will not only be entertaining to watch, but you can rest assured no mouse will even think about entering your home.

Another nice trait about the Chartreux is it’s not an overly-needy feline, so it doesn’t mind spending time alone napping on its favorite scratch post.

 4. The American Shorthair Cat

american-shorthair-cat, cat with short hair, pure breed cat, domestic cat, felineDon’t let the calm demeanor and laid back attitude of the American Shorthair fool you. This cat is smart and enjoys playing with puzzle toys or bringing his game to a whole new level with live prey like the mouse. In fact, the American Shorthair has a history of being one of the best cats to hunt mice (and all vermin). In 1634, a publication credits this solid, hardy-working feline with saving a New England colony’s crops from rodents.

Today, the American Shorthair is happy to bring its mouse-hunting skills into the home, but just know it prefers not to be carried around; however a warm spot beside you on the sofa is perfect.

5. The Manx Cat

Manx Cat standing, Manx cat, shorthair cat, domestic cat, feline, cats Not only is the Manx one of the oldest cat breeds, but this stocky heavily-boned feline is one of the best mouse hunting cats and most do it all with only a stumpy little tail. This breed is very easy-going and loves to be a part of a family unit (no barns for this guy). The Manx has a healthy appetite, so you may want to watch that it doesn’t eat “the kill.”

When this feline isn’t patrolling for vermin, its sweet disposition and loving nature make it an enjoyable companion and housemate.

What Makes a Feline the Best Cat to Hunt Mice?

There are qualities to look for in any cat to see if it has what it takes to hunt mice. The cat should;

  • Have an intense and sustained interest in playing
  • Chase, pounce and bite toys during play sessions
  • Stalk its toys
  • Shake toys vigorously after the “catch.”
  • Have lots of energy
  • Be patient and relentless

If you’re searching for the best cats for catching mice, then look to these top five breeds or mixed breeds with one of these in its genetic makeup. If you prefer to adopt a cat from a shelter, then observe the feline for mouse-hunting skills and traits.