Tonkinese Cat

Tonkinese Cat Behavior / Temperament: Fun loving, intelligent, sociable, active, lap cat, trusting

Tonkinese Cat Colors: 4 main colors: Blue, Champagne, Natural and Platinum available in 3 different coat patterns: Point, Mink and Solid

Weight: Female 6 – 8 pounds, Male 8 – 12 pounds

Lifespan: 12 -16+ years

Maintenance: Low

Low shedding cat


Tonkinese Cat Origin

The Tonkinese cat was crossbred from a Siamese cat and a Burmese cat back in the 1960s/70s. By the mid 1980s this crossbreeding was completed and Tonkinese kittens were born to Tonkinese cats.

Tonkinese Cat Physical Characteristics

Naturally a Tonkinese cat shares many characteristics of its predecessors; it is similar in nature to a Siamese but is a little less sharp edged in both physical features and voice, its body is more rounded and its voice is less piercing. It is also a more moderate sized cat with quite muscular legs, and has a beautiful, silky short haired coat.

Coat care

The Tonkinese cat has a soft, short coat which requires minimal upkeep.

Tonkinese Cat Behavior /Temperament

This is not an aloof, independent cat that loves you from afar! Rather, it is a fun loving, intelligent and talkative cat that loves company, human or animal, so if everyone is generally out during the day it would be advisable to have another cat or a pet dog to keep it company. This cat breed is super-smart and will make quick work of puzzle toys, learning new tricks or walking on a leash. Whilst it is an active, fun loving cat, it also loves curling up on your lap. A Tonkinese cat’s defensive skills are really lacking, it tends to think everyone is its friend so it is better to treat it as an indoor cat.

Tonkinese Cat Colors

A Tonkinese cat is available in 3 different coat patterns: Point, Mink and Solid which are differentiated by the degree of contrast from the colors of the cat’s extremities or “points” as they are known: ears, face, legs and tail. The point coat pattern means that there is a big contrast in color of the points to the color of the body whilst Mink is in between and Solid, as the name implies, means that there is the least amount of contrast between the points and body in color, so it almost looks like a solid or uniform color. These points in a Tonkinese are available in 4 main colors: Blue, Champagne, Natural and Platinum. So, this means that there are 12 variations of a Tonkinese cat. Their eye colors, unlike the Siamese cat which are always blue, can range from yellow to blue, and vary from cat to cat. Eye color is not particular to any of the specific 12 types of Tonkinese. As with the Siamese cat, their colors develop during the first few weeks of the kitten’s life.