Best 3 Family Cat Breeds That Shed the Least

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Love cats but detest all the shedding? Then you’re in luck as we have “scratched” out the best three family cat breeds that shed the least. Check them out!

What cats shed the least?

Low Shedding Cat Breed #1: The Cornish Rex


Cornish Rex Cat, shorthair cat, low shedding cat

This cat breed was founded in the United Kingdom by a random mutation of a domestic shorthair. From this one curly-coated kitten, the cat breed we know today as the Cornish Rex was developed. The sleek athletic body of this breed makes it very agile and it uses its natural abilities to jump to the highest point available in any room. The toes of the Cornish Rex also bear mention as they are quite long and nimble, enabling this feline to open cabinets and manipulate objects at will.


When your Cornish Rex cat isn’t keeping you busy with his antics, he will love nothing more than to cuddle up for an afternoon nap. This breed loves being handled and will be your steady companion all day long. The Cornish Rex is not a lazy creature, so know that you will need to supply this pet with plenty of interactive toys and games to keep him busy and out of trouble.


When it comes to grooming, the Cornish Rex, you will be thrilled to know, couldn’t be simpler as this cat breed sheds the least. The shorthair variety just needs a gentle hand wiped over the body to grab any loose hairs, while the longer-haired will need a comb or soft-bristled brush to get the job done.


The Cornish Rex can grow up to 10 pounds and has a lifespan of 11 to 15 plus years (although one was reported to have lived for 37 years!).

Low Shedding Cat Breed #2: The Siamese

Siamese cat dark points, Siamese cat, Siamese cat breed, low shedding cat, feline, kitty cat, shorthair cat, active cat, talkative cat



Low on shedding and high on friendliness are just two of the awesome traits the Siamese brings into your home. This short haired cat breed originally hails from Thailand (formerly Siam – hence its name) and looks elegant and stylish with its dark points (ears, muzzle, tail, and legs) and soft-colored body. Plus, who can resist getting lost in those liquid blue eyes? They are simply stunning!


Aside from its beauty, the Siamese cat makes a wonderful family pet, especially if you enjoy having a chatty cat in your life. This breed has an opinion on everything and isn’t afraid to express itself with a wide range of vocalizations. Along with an opinion, the Siamese will also want to supervise your every move, so be prepared to have a furry companion around for all your daily tasks.


This cat breed is also highly intelligent and will enjoy having plenty of interactive toys and games to keep him busy. Not only that, but the Siamese are also great with children and other cat-friendly pets.


Another benefit of the Siamese is, it is known as one of the best low shedding cats. Grooming this feline is a snap and only requires a weekly combing to remove any dead hair and to distribute the natural oils.


This athletic and agile creature grows up to 20 inches long, can weigh up to 14 pounds, and has a lifespan from 8 to 15 plus years.

Low Shedding Cat Breed #3: The Bengal


Bengal cat walking, short hair cat

This cat breed appears to have stepped out of the pages of a jungle book. It is a strong, muscular, agile, athletic cat that loves to play and is intelligent enough to keep you on your toes. This beautiful feline was created by crossing Asian Leopard cats and domestic shorthair cats. The result is a stunning spotted creature that has a delightfully thick and velvety coat which is low shedding.


Besides its unique markings, the Bengal is not for the faint of heart. It is an excellent family cat for the right family. Although it is affectionate and loves children and other pets, the Bengal can (and will) get into things. This nimble-pawed feline is smart, so opening cupboards, flipping light switches, or puddling around in the bathtub (or a fish tank) is not out of its realm of abilities.

Keep your Bengal amused with interactive toys, puzzle games, or by occupying its time with fetch or teaching it new tricks.


Another plus of the Bengal breed is the ease of grooming. Simply run a comb or slicker brush through its coat weekly to gather up those loose hairs and to distribute the skin’s natural oils.


The Bengal can grow from 17 to 22 inches, weigh up to 17 pounds, and has a lifespan of 10 to 16 plus years.

Can I Make My Cat Shed Less?

Even though these breeds are known for being some of the best low shedding cats, there are ways to stop cats from shedding or at least reduce their shedding.


  1. Regular Brushing


Make a habit of grooming your cat. Use a high quality slicker brush to collect all those loose hairs before they fall out onto your favorite black pants. Most cats enjoy being groomed, but if yours is hesitant, don’t force the issue. Leave the brush out for Kitty to inspect, then practice short brushing sessions. Always be sure to reward your cat for tolerating the grooming and be sure to stop the grooming session before she gets aggravated.


  1. Change your Cat’s Diet


Feeding your cat a well-balanced, nutritional diet is key (not only for optimal health) but also for a healthy coat. Foods loaded with fillers and inferior ingredients will result in a dry flaky coat and excessive shedding. If you need help in choosing a healthy diet for your cat read the side of the cat food bag. A real meat source should be the first ingredient along with plenty of added fruits and vegetables, and Omegas (great for the skin and coat). Avoid those foods that use corn, wheat, soy, and by-products.


  1. Visit Your Vet

 It is natural for a cat to shed. However, if you notice your feline is excessively shedding or shedding more than usual, it’s time to visit your veterinarian. Hair loss can be a sign of illness, such as allergies, a fungus, or skin cancer. Have your vet rule out an underlying issue before you try to stop the shedding.

What Cats Shed the Least?

The Siamese, Bengal, and Cornish Rex are three of the least shedding cat breeds; however, you can reduce the shedding of any cat with proper nutrition and extra grooming.