Caring for your pet cat.

Caring for your short hair cat

Short haired cats are relatively easy to care for, however they do require some looking after. There are fundamental needs that your precious cat must have addressed, and taken care of, so that your cat lives a happy, healthy lifestyle which in turn makes for a happier relationship with you. These needs include food and water, an appropriate toileting area and kitty litter box, places to sleep where they feel safe and giving them exercise and love.


Food and Water for your cat:

Looking after your short haired cat

Cats are carnivores which of course means that they need to eat meat to obtain the protein needed for a healthy diet. Provide a range of raw meat, canned cat food and cat biscuits. Too much soft canned cat food can lead to teeth problems down the track so a good balance of cat biscuits will alleviate this potential problem. There are also cat biscuits on the market specifically designed for dental health, they are a little porous which allows your precious kitty cat to bite through the biscuit up to its gum which reduces the chance of tartar buildup. You can also brush your cat’s teeth if you are really concerned about this – if they’ll let you!


Always have water available in a bowl of some sort, inside and out if your cat is allowed outdoors, and check it regularly to ensure that there is a plentiful supply. Don’t give cats cow’s milk as it’s no good for their tummy.

Sleeping area for your cat:

Short hair cat asleep in a bowl.

Pet cats like somewhere warm and cozy to sleep, in a confined space where they feel safe. Something as simple as a cardboard box could be used, cats love them, but they will soon be scratched up and look messy so they are not a long term option. There are some great cat beds on the market, see our reviews to find the best for sale.


Toileting area for your cat:

Whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat, you should have a cat litter box inside the house in a private spot such as a laundry room or utility room of some sort. Check it and clear it regularly as cats are innately clean animals so won’t tolerate a dirty litter box – you don’t want your kitty cat becoming stressed.

Exercise and playtime for your cat:

Cats like to sleep a lot however they still have active parts of their day and some exercise is essential to their health, so playtime should be encouraged. Cats also need somewhere to scratch and sharpen their claws which are a necessary part of their survival and allows them to hunt effectively, after all hunting is a natural impulse for most of them. They tend to sharpen their claws on trees outside but also look for anywhere to scratch inside whenever the compulsion takes hold of them, so your furniture will take a beating unless you invest in a cat tree – even then your furniture may still be “attacked” but you can train your cat to target the cat tree or cat scratching post as they are also known.

short hair cat scratched stool

Cats love scratching posts as they have ample opportunity to sharpen their claws on them and love climbing them, often taking the weight of their bodies on their claws as they climb up the cat tree. So not only does this help reduce the wear and tear on your furniture but it is also a wonderful climbing apparatus, or cat gym that your cat can have lots of fun on whilst also proving to be a great source of daily exercise which all cats need.

As a bonus, scratching posts provide lots of entertainment for both your pet and you, watching, as they dart up and down again or patting and scratching them under their chin as they roll around on one of the cat tree’s platforms! Cats also like to be high up to purvey their kingdom so they will love climbing a cat tower for this purpose too – just don’t place it too near bookshelves or similar tall furniture that you don’t want your pet to jump on to!

Essential items for your short hair cat:

Buying accessories for cats is fun, there are so many pet supplies on the market however, that choosing the best for your cat can be a little daunting as it is difficult to know which product is the best. However there are 3 essential items you must have for your pet cat:

Top 3 Essential Cat Accessories:

Cat litter box – these can be as simple as a plastic tray (so nothing leaches through onto your floor) which will need to be cleaned regularly or, as clever and useful as a self cleaning cat litter house – the sky is the limit.

Food and Water bowls – the food bowl needs to have some weight to it so it doesn’t move around when your beloved kitty cat tries to eat from it.

british-shorthair-cat tree

Cat tree or scratching post – again these can be very simple, such as a pole with a platform on top wrapped in string or carpet for your cat to claw into, or as elaborate as a multi level and multi room cat tree or tower – again the sky is the limit. Obviously the more elaborate it is, the more entertainment your cat will enjoy for years to come.



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Fun Cat Toys:


Whilst cat toys may not be necessary (but would still be fun) for an outdoor cat, an indoor cat needs to have plenty of cat specific entertainment otherwise it will look to your furnishings, drapes and precious ornaments as a source of entertainment for play time! Check out the reviews of the best cat toys to buy, to help keep your beautiful short haired cat active and healthy.


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