Top 5 Questions about Abyssinian Cats Answered

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Abyssinian cats are likely some of the oldest cats to be bred – a fact that can be noticed from the regal antics that they still seem to have. Mostly recognized from its big ears and short “ticked” hair, this cat is not exactly the perfect lap cat – but at the same time, you could not find a more loyal cat.

Abyssinian Cat, Aby, Purebred shorthair cat

If you are thinking of adopting an Abyssinian cat, (or “Aby”, as this cat is often called) into your family, here are a few common questions that arise with these cute cats.

1. How Much Does an Abyssinian Cat Cost?

The Abyssinian cat price will depend on whether the cat is a pure breed or a mixed breed. Its appearance and lineage can also greatly affect its cost. If you get a registered cat with a full medical history and great health status, the price might also be affected. However, sometimes, it might not even cost anything at all – because, just like any other animal, Abyssinian cats can also end up in shelters.

That being said, if you are planning to buy an Abyssinian cat, you may expect to pay around $500 to $1200 for a registered purebred cat, with all its medical checks are looking clear. If you are looking to get a mixed breed, then you might get a discount – the Abyssinian kittens costing about $200-$300 less.

However, it mostly depends on the reputation of the breeder or the place that you currently live in. For example, in some states or countries, it can cost up to $2,000, particularly if its looks are incredibly rare.

Abyssinian cat breeders might also ask for different prices depending on what people are looking for. If a particular coat or eye color is in demand, then the price is likely to spike. A cream female, for example, can even cost up to $2,500, as they are incredibly rare. But if you are going for the standard colors, you may get one for around $500-$700.

When looking for Abyssinian kittens, you may ask the breeder why that particular price is so high – or the opposite, why you received this discount. For example, the kitten might not be exactly a purebred, or it may not have gone through all of the checkups. If you are required to vaccinate the kitten yourself, then you might get a discount on the price.

Abyssinian kitten, Abyssinian cat, Aby

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2. Are Abyssinian Cats Rare?

Abyssinian cats are not rare. In fact, they are quite common – likely one of the most common breeds out there. This is why their price is lower in comparison to other rarer felines.

While the cat breed itself is quite common, there are certain rarities within the breed that you might find difficult to come across. “Fawn” Abyssinian cats that feature a light cream tone base are among the rarest – which is why they tend to be the most expensive.

There are various breeders from which you can buy an Abyssinian cat – and, as previously mentioned, they are so common that you might even find them in shelters. Before trying to purchase an Aby cat from the breeder, you might want to check your local shelters and see whether they have such a cat or not

3. Are Abyssinian Cats Cuddly?

Abyssinian cats are not lap cats, but that’s not because they lack affection – it’s because they have a lot of energy. They could shower you with affection one minute, and the next they could ignore you – usually because they saw something that caught their interest. They love you, but their attention span is quite small, due to their curious personality.

There are felines that want to sit all day on your lap, such as the American Shorthair or the Burmese. You make one tap onto your lap while they are looking at you, and they’ll jump on your knees without thinking twice.

Then, there is the Abyssinian cat – one that will occasionally make you feel like you are trying to cuddle with a very slippery eel. One minute you’re holding them, and the second you let them go, they are off onto their exploring rounds once more. It’s not that they don’t adore you. It’s just that they like doing so many things at the same time that they can’t seem to stay in one place for just one second.

This makes their cuddly moments all the more special, though – because they occasionally have moments when they want to be showered with affection. However, don’t expect them to stay for too long – unless they are feeling particularly cozy.

When you are cuddling them or trying to make them stay on your lap, they get a bit antsy as they want to be off exploring or playing. These are curious and intelligent cats, so every one of their actions has the purpose of “researching,” so to speak.

That being said, even if Abyssinians are not the cuddliest cats on Earth (actually, they are probably the least cuddly), it does not mean that they don’t love you to the moon and back.

4. Are Abyssinian Cats Aggressive?

The Abyssinian cat is not particularly aggressive – but it may still be a bit territorial. They may also prefer one person over the other, which is why they may seem cuddlier with their favorite and colder with other people.

Most people claim that the Abyssinian cat personality is very gentle – but there may be several exceptions. That being said, if the kitten was raised right and stayed with their mother for at least 12 weeks, there should not be any behavioral problems.

Sometimes, its playfulness can be mistaken for signs of aggression. For example, if you wiggle your toe under a blanket, then all bets are off for you – the Aby will pounce. The cat will believe it’s something it’s entitled to “get,” which is why you may want to avoid pretending you’re a cheeky mouse under the blanket!

5. What Color Is the Abyssinian Cat?

Abyssinian cats can have a variety of colors, their fur going from light to dark and usually featuring around four different tones (or color bands, as they are sometimes referred to). There are only two other cat breeds that have this color – the Somali and the Singapura cat. The “original” Abyssinian cat color is a reddish-brown one, but it might also have combos of lilac, black, blue, or silver. The lightest and rarest is the “Fawn” color.

Final Thoughts on Abyssinian Cats

While Abyssinian cats are not exactly cuddly, they are full of love. They are seen as child-friendly cats, and they also have an elegance that cannot be denied. It would certainly be a great decision to get an Abyssinian cat if you want an energetic and playful pet.

Top 5 Short Hair Cat Breeds for an Active Family

Cats and babies, cat and toddler, kid friendly cats

Every active family looking for a playful cat breed can safely look among the short hair cat breeds as a great starting point.

Cats with short hair, are generally low maintenance which is perfect for a busy, active family looking for a pet to fit in with their lifestyle. Some short haired cats are hardy too and enjoy a bit of rough and tumble with children, and some even resemble a dog in nature and are happy to be walked on a leash! These kinds of qualities in a cat make them the best cat breeds for kids.

Active cats, Cat breeds for active families, cats good with kidsCats are intelligent, and you can teach them a trick or two – some cat breeds will even learn how to play “go and fetch”!

It’s a common assumption that cats steer clear of playing in water, but there are some short hair cat breeds that love to splash around with you in the water.

It is precisely these kinds of cats that make the best pets for kids. Young kids can be boisterous, and a short haired cat that is social, confident, not afraid of loud noises and loves a bit of rough and tumble will be the best cat breeds for kids.

It is certainly worth finding out then the names of these awesome cats for kids – the ones that can slot so easily into your lifestyle.

Top 5 cats for kids:


The Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian cat walking, shorthair cats, pedigree cat, domestic catLithe and muscular, the medium-sized Abyssinian is an alert cat, looking all around him and taking everything in. There’s nothing aloof about this high spirited, low maintenance cat, and he’s affectionate and devoted to his human family.

This cool cat isn’t a lap-cat but loves nothing more than to follow you around and be involved in everything that’s going on. He slots in perfectly to a house full of kids, being playful even as an adult. Kids love the Abyssinian as he can be just as naughty as they can, and his energy allows him to put in long hours of play.


Ocicat cat, shorthair cat, spotty cat, domestic catThe beautiful spotted Ocicat is a mix-breed cat between the Siamese, Abyssinian and American Shorthair. This cat just loves his human family and has some ‘dog-like’ characteristics. He can be taught to sit and fetch, not to mention that he will walk on a leash too. He is active, athletic and talkative, ready to hold a ‘conversation’ with anyone who will listen.

With their mood and actions being similar to that of a dog, don’t be surprised if he also jumps into the pool with you when you take a swim. Sociable and even tempered, this attractive cat makes a great family pet.

The Bombay Cat

Bombay Cat, Bombay cat breed, short hair cat, low shedding cat, domestic cat, purebred cat, felineThis miniature Panther look-alike cat with his copper colored eyes is medium-sized and loves hanging out with his human family. The Bombay cat is intelligent and intuitive, and can sense the mood of all his family members, adapting his behavior to suit each one.

He blends in perfectly with the lifestyle of his home, and the kids are delighted when he learns to open doors and even turn the TV on. He’s such an amicable pet and will be game to join in with the activities the family is busy with, or even simply invent a game for himself.

The Devon Rex Cat

Devon Rex Cat on its rear haunches, Rex Cat, short haired cat, low shedding cat, cat breed, feline, curly hair catInteresting to look at, the independent, pixi-like Devon Rex cat is an awesome feline, drawing attention just by his aura. His large eyes and ears are indicative of alertness and curiosity.

Your Devon Rex is also known as a low shedding cat breed which is another advantage. He is considered a true companion – outgoing and people-centered, full of beans, seeming to never run out of energy. He’ll follow you around but be more than ready to be called outside to get up to mischief with the kids.

The Burmese Cat 

Burmese cat chocolate color shorthair catThe Burmese is a wonderful child-friendly cat, full of playfulness and energy and loves to spend time with his human family. Always entertaining and amusing, they thrive in a busy, active household. They also have some characteristics similar to dogs, learning to walk on a leash and being able to fetch toys.

Best Pets for Kids – Short Hair Cats that Impress

There are a number of factors to consider when thinking of a specific cat for your family, but these short hair cat breeds can be seriously considered. They’re all robust kitty cats that just want to be counted in as one of the family.