Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Cat Behavior / Temperament: Lively, intelligent, active, loves people, curious, social

Sphynx Cat Colors: All colors and patterns

Weight: Female 6 – 10 pounds, Male 8 – 12 pounds

Sphynx Cat Colors: All colors and patterns

Lifespan:8 to 14+ years

Maintenance: Low – medium

Low shedding cat


The Sphynx cat is probably the most easily distinguishable breed of cat due to its hairless coat. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression…….. “Only a mother could love it.”…….well that could certainly apply to the Sphynx! With ears like a bat, a body of wrinkles, and little to no hair, the Sphynx is certainly not a conventional looking cat. However some will adore this feline’s looks, it is almost ugly cute and alien like.

The Sphynx has angular cheekbones and large, wide-set eyes that give this breed an approachable openness to its whole personality.

Sphynx Cat Origin

This cat breed originated from Toronto, Canada where in the 1960s a normal domesticated cat gave birth to a mutant hairless kitten which was then bred from to create the Sphynx cat breed.

Sphynx Cat and its Hairless Coat

The Sphynx’s most distinguishing feature is its hairless coat. Its body is encased in the softest skin, which feels like a leather chamois, sometimes, on parts of its skin, it can have a very light, soft down coating – a bit like a peach. All cats produce oil in their skin which is normally absorbed by a cat’s fur, however as the Sphynx is hairless there is no way for it to rid itself of the oil, so it will build up and can cause skin issues. To remove excess oil, a weekly bath or a sponge bath is recommended, but don’t bathe it too often as this will encourage extra oil to be produced. To best protect the Sphynx’s skin, it is recommended to keep it as an indoor cat.

Another by-product of being hairless is not having any whiskers (or very few). Cats use their whiskers to gauge the size of openings to see if they will fit through the opening before moving forward – cat’s whiskers tend to match the width of the widest part of their body. To overcome this deficiency, the Sphynx’s body shape has evolved to be pear-like in shape meaning it gradually gets wider from its head to its bottom (except for its neck), this allows it to back out of small openings if it needs to.

Sphynx Cat Physical Characteristics

The Sphynx is a medium size cat and comes in a big range of colors from a light pink all over to having large patches of black. Its head shape is triangular or wedge like, with its large ears protruding at an angle matching the line of its face from jaw to cheekbones – if you were to draw a figurative line across the top of its ears and the sides of its face you would create a triangle.  It has large eyes which are slightly almond shaped and tend to be a light yellow color. The sphynx cat has a long neck connecting its wedge like head to its pear shaped body and has thin tapered legs and tail which can sometimes be fur tipped. Its paws are quite padded and have long ‘toes’.  Adding to its unusual look, the Sphynx has wrinkly skin around its neck and legs.

The Sphynx cat is athletic, and has great balance – it has been known to sit on top of an open door!

Sphynx Cat Behavior / Temperament

This feline is full of personality; it is engaged and active. It is an intelligent breed of cat, whose curiosity leads it to investigate everything and everyone, it won’t be running off to hide when new people arrive at the door. It also loves to play and explore high places. This feline craves attention, in fact, the Sphynx will demand love if it feels neglected and is quite the attention-monger. It loves to snuggle up with its pet parent or even a cat-friendly canine pal – this is not really a cat that can be left alone all day.