Siamese Cat


Siamese Cat Behavior / Temperament: Intelligent, talkative, curious, playful, loving

Siamese Cat Colors: Blue, chocolate, seal and lilac. Colors refer to the point (i.e. face, ears, tips of tails and legs) markings of the cat whilst the body is light colored.

Weight: Female 8 – 12 pounds, Male 11 – 15 pounds

Lifespan: 11 – 15+ years

Maintenance: Low

Low shedding cat


“We are Si-a-mese if you please…”

Disney’s portrayal of the Siamese cat in 101 Dalmatians may have been slightly inaccurate (I don’t think this purebred is quite that mean!). It is one of the oldest and most well-known of all the cat breeds (thank you, Disney?). It loves people and thrives as a part of the family unit.

Siamese Cat Origin

Siamese cats hark from Thailand originally and are one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. They were introduced to USA in the late 19 century.

Siamese cats are distinctive in appearance and personality. They are a slim, elegant breed of cat with a lithe body, long legs and tails. They have very distinctive features including penetrating blue eyes and a triangular face and ears.

Siamese Cat Grooming

The Siamese is considered a low shedding cat. This cat breed has a short haired, silky coat which requires very little grooming – you could do a weekly combing or brushing to collect loose hairs and to distribute the oils to aid the Siamese’s personal grooming if you like.

Siamese Cat Behavior / Temperament

Whilst your Siamese cat will need little maintenance in the grooming department, this is not a quiet, retiring type of cat! On the contrary, the Siamese cat has a big personality and demands a lot of attention; it considers itself to be a fully-fledged part of the family and enjoys chatting, at times very vocally, to you all day long. In fact it has quite a loud piercing voice. It is an intelligent, curious and playful cat and loves “investigating” around the house!

Siamese Cat Coat Color

The Siamese cat comes in 4 main types of color which relate mainly to the color of the cat’s extremities or “points” as they are referred to in the cat world. Their bodies are light colored, while their extremities, including the face, ears, tips of tails and legs, are dark so create quite a contrast in color. The four colorways are: Blue point which has slate blue points with a soft blueish white body, Chocolate point which has brown points with a creamy colored body, Lilac point which has pinky gray points with a white body and finally, Seal points which have browny black points like a Seal with a bone colored body. Siamese kittens are born with a light colored coat all over, the darkening of the coat color on the head tail and legs occurs gradually during the first few weeks of their life.