Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Fold Cat Behavior / Temperament:  sweet tempered, affectionate, both playful and placid

Scottish Fold Cat Colors: myriad of coat colors and patterns.

Weight: Female 8 – 12 pounds, Male 12+ pounds

Lifespan: 9 – 14+ years

Maintenance: Low


Scottish Fold Cat Origin

This breed began life accidentally! Originally hailing from Scotland, as the name suggests, the Scottish Fold cat has evolved from a congenitally mutated kitten, born to an ordinary barn cat called Susie. Due to a naturally occurring, dominant genetic disorder in the cartilage, this kitten was unable to hold its ears up straight. It was discovered by William Ross in 1961, who asked to have the kitten and developed the breed from this cat. The Scottish Fold was introduced to the USA in the 1970s.

Scottish Fold Cat Physical Characteristics

The distinctive feature of the Scottish Fold cat, from other breeds of cat, is the folded forward ears. Funnily enough the Scottish Fold kittens are born with their ears straight which over the first few weeks start to fold forward naturally, although not always! You can potentially end up with a Scottish Fold cat with straight ears! The short haired variety needs minimal grooming. It is a medium to large sized cat which is round in shape and can be prone to getting a little heavy.

A word of warning however, due to the congenital issue with the cartilage, these cats can have problems with their tails and can also develop arthritis.

The Scottish Fold cat comes in a myriad of coat colors and patterns.

Scottish Fold Cat Behavior / Temperament

The Scottish fold is a sweet tempered, affectionate cat which is both playful and placid. It enjoys company and doesn’t really like being on its own for lengthy periods, so if no-one is home during the day, this may not be the cat for you.

Fun note: it is not unusual to see a Scottish Fold sitting on its haunches with its back legs outstretched resting its front paws on its belly as in the photo above, this is often referred to as the “Budha Position”!