Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cat Behavior / Temperament: Sensitive, shy, quiet natured, has active / playful periods, loyal, doesn’t like strangers or changes to routine.

Russian Blue Cat Colors: solid pale blue-silver

Weight: Female 8 – 12 pounds, Male 10 – 15 pounds

Lifespan: 15 – 20+ years

Maintenance: Low

Low shedding cat


Russian Blue Cat Origin

The exact origins of the Russian Blue cat are unclear however it is believed that part of their ancestry originated in Archangel, northern Russia where it is extremely cold, hence their dense double shorthair coat. It is thought that early migration to the West of Europe was via the ships leaving Archangel Port. In the early 1900s the Russian Blues were imported to North America, but the breed we know today began in earnest post world war II and strict breeding since then has resulted in the beautiful, shiny blue/gray cat with sparkling  green eyes that we know as the Russian Blue today.

Russian Blue Cat Physical Characteristics

The Russian Blue is a medium size cat that is fine boned and has well-toned musculature but you’d be forgiven for thinking that they are a large cat due to the density of their coat. Their head is wedge shaped with ears that are set wide apart, and as previously mentioned, their eyes are a lush green and large. However the Russian Blue kittens are born with yellow eyes, and as the kittens mature, their eyes gradually change to a vivid green.


This beautiful feline’s dense double-coat stands out at a 45-degree angle – you can actually trace patterns into the fur, and they will remain until you smooth their fur coat back. Despite this dense coat it actually sheds very little.

Russian Blue Cat Behavior / Temperament

This is a shy, quiet natured, loyal cat that enjoys family life but doesn’t take well to strangers or changes to routine. If you don’t want a sensitive cat that gets its feelings hurt when being left out, then the Russian Blue isn’t for you – this feline wants to be with its human companion. However, it is also a fun-loving kitty that loves to play, chase, and will even fetch its favorite toy.