Oriental Shorthair Cat

Oriental Shorthair Cat Behavior / Temperament: Intelligent, active, chatty, loud, a bit bossy but sweet natured, devoted, needs company

Oriental Shorthair Cat Colors: A huge range of colors and patterns, just like one of its ancestors: the American Shorthair cat.

Weight: Female 5 – 8 pounds, Male 7 – 10 pounds

Lifespan: 10 – 15+ years

Maintenance: Medium (needs company), low shedding cat, watch for weight gain as they have thin legs which struggle with excess weight.


Are you looking for a cat you can be dedicated to and who will return the devotion? Then the Oriental Shorthair may be the feline for you.

Oriental Shorthair Cat Origin

The Oriental Shorthair cat is very similar to the Siamese Cat, back in the 1970s the Siamese was crossbred with an American Shorthair to create what is now known as the Oriental Cat.

Oriental Shorthair Cat Physical Characteristics

Its body shape and head with large ears are very similar to the Siamese too. This feline is a very athletic, long limbed cat with a  svelte but muscular frame. Ensure your Oriental cat doesn’t overeat as it has thin legs which struggle with excess weight.  The eyes are almond shaped and generally green.

Oriental Shorthair Cat Colors and Coat

This feline’s coat is glossy and close to its body. The Oriental shorthair cat’s fur coat comes in a myriad of colors due to the influence of the American Shorthair. The colors tend to be all over their bodies, not just on their points (ears, face, tip of tail and legs) as in a Siamese cat.

Oriental Shorthair Cat Behavior / Temperament

The Oriental Cat has a similar personality to a Siamese – they are loud, active, curious, intelligent and crave company. The Oriental is not a cat that likes to be left on its own so if it can’t have human company during the day then it would be advisable to have a companion pet, either another cat or even possibly a dog. The Oriental Cat is definitely chatty and can seem to be bossy but it is also has a very sweet nature.

The Oriental Shorthair isn’t just beautiful, it’s intelligent, and loves to jump, so tall scratch posts and perches are recommended to keep this feline happy and healthy.

One thing you should watch with the Oriental is weight gain, as their thin legs are not built for excess pounds.