Manx Cat

Manx Cat Behavior / Temperament: Intelligent, loving, active and strong, friendly, loyal

Manx Cat Colors: A range of colors including white, cream, silver, red, blue, blue-cream, brown, black and tortoiseshell in a range of pattern markings

Weight: Female 7 – 11 pounds, Male 9 – 13 pounds

Lifespan: 13+ years

Maintenance: Medium, needs regular grooming because of its double coat


Manx Cat Origin

The Manx cat originated in Britain on the Isle of Man, its most distinctive feature is its lack of a tail.

Manx Cat Physical Characteristics

Kittens can be born from time to time with a small tail or partial tail but a pure Manx, bred for showing, often known as a “Rumpy”, will have no tail. Its hind legs are longer than its front legs which tend to highlight its rumpy rear end! Whereas Siamese cats and its derivatives are fairly angular in appearance, the Manx cat has round features: head, eyes and body and is a strong and robust cat.

The Manx cat comes in both a short hair and long hair variety. The short hair Manx has soft short down hair underneath a coarser top coat (awn hair) which is also short; this is known as a double coat, so it will need some brushing with a special cat shedding brush to help remove any excess fur in the undercoat.

Manx Cat Behavior / Temperament

Manx cats love being part of family life and are active and lively and able to jump to great heights due to their strong hind quarters and legs. They are loyal, faithful and intelligent cats. Placid in nature, the Manx makes a great family pet.

This cat breed has hunting instincts which it enjoys using, so will help keep rodents at bay around the house. You may find “presents” left for you at the door!

Manx Cat Color

In terms of colors, Manx Cats come in a range of coat colors, coat patterns and eye colors. Coat colors range from white, cream, silver, red, blue, blue-cream, brown, black and tortoiseshell colored coats, while the Manx cat’s coat patterns run the gamut from solid color, 2 tones, 3 tones, tortoiseshell, smoky and tabby. Eye colors tend to fall in the yellowy, orange, brown spectrum but can also be green.