Korat Cat


Korat Cat Behavior / Temperament:  playful, loving, active, friendly

Korat Cat Color: silver blue with a silver sheen and green eyes

Weight: Female 8 – 10 pounds, Male 6 – 8 pounds

Lifespan: 17 – 19+ years

Maintenance: Low

Low Shedding Cat


Korat Cat Origin

The Korat cat was discovered in the Korat province of Thailand centuries ago, hence its name. Having said that, this purebreed cat is also known as Si-Sawat, which stands for . No-one knows exactly when this cat breed originated but the first known description and illustration of a Korat was in the Thai “Cat book of poems” thought to have been produced sometime in the 15th or 16 th centuries. To this day, it still closely resembles the illustration in this manuscript, it is one of the oldest, naturally occurring cat breeds alive today.

The first Korat was brought to the US in 1959, and quickly achieved popularity and endorsement by the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

Korat Cat Behavior / Temperament

This cat is friendly, to the point of being obsessed with its family members, and does not want to be left alone for long periods. Although the Korat may choose one or two people to be the closest with, it is willing to receive a gentle pat from visitors, too! Generally speaking it is playful, loving, active and friendly.

Korat Cat Physical Characteristics

It has a heart shaped face with a mid sized, svelte, muscular body. This silky looking cat is considered to bring the owners good fortune. The Korat is a low shedding cat which makes keeping your home clean easier than would be the case with some other breeds.

Korat Cat Color

The Korat cat’s short haired coat is silver blue with a silver sheen and green eyes.

Coat Care: The short, single coat of the Korat does well with regular, weekly grooming with a comb or soft-bristled, cat shedding brush.