Devon Rex Cat

Devon Rex Cat Behavior / Temperament: Loving, independent, can be a touch mischievous, playful, inquisitive, very loyal (almost dog-like), very affectionate, friendly

Devon Rex Cat Colors: All colors and patterns including points, shaded, smoked, bi-colors, and solids

Weight: Female: 5 Р8 pounds, Male:  7 Р10 pounds

Lifespan: 9 to 15+ years

Maintenance: Low

Low shedding cat


Devon Rex Cat Origin

Like the Cornish Rex cat, this breed also started with a mutant kitten quite independently of the Cornish Rex. It was born in Devon, England which borders Cornwall and was bred into the cat breed it is today.

Devon Rex Cat Behavior / Temperament

The Devon Rex is a low maintenance feline that is independent enough to be left at home when you are at work all day. However, it is very playful and active and can be a touch naughty! But when you kick off your shoes after a long day, your Devon will be there to shower you with affection and warm snuggles. The Devon Rex makes a great family pet; it enjoys joining into games and can even be taught how to walk on a leash. It also loves its and everyone else’s food, so keep an eye on its weight!

Devon Rex Cat Physical Characteristics

Aside from the loving personality of this breed, the Devon Rex will catch your eye with its enormous ears, high cheekbones, short muzzle, and charming expression. It differs physically from the Cornish Rex with its wider, flatter chest, its head shape is also a bit flatter but it still has the distinctive ears.

This cat has curly down hair which is really soft and close to the skin but it grows more sparsely than the Cornish Rex and is known to have bald patches at times. As with the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex doesn’t shed much hair which makes it is easy to look after, not to mention, makes keeping your house clean easier as well!

Coat Care: The fine, delicate coat of the Devon Rex only really needs a hand run over it to gather any loose hair, you can also bathe your Devon to keep the coat soft and in good condition.

Devon Rex Cat Color

This cat breed comes in a big range of colors and patterns including: points, shaded, smoked, bi-colors, and solids.