Chartreux Cat


Chartreux Cat Behavior / Temperament: Quiet, friendly, athletic, good-natured, and

Chartreux Cat Colors: Blue-gray shades with silvery tips.

Weight: Female 6 – 9 pounds, Male 10 – 14 pounds

Lifespan: 18 – 20+ years

Maintenance: Low

Low Shedding Cat


Chartreux Cat Origin

Chartreux, Chartreux Cat breed, short haired cat breedThis French breed dates back to the 13th century. Tales and legends tell of how the Chartreux Cat
were bred by Charthusian monks in the order’s head monastery located at Grand Chartreuse in the
French Alps. This short haired blue breed cat was first brought to the monastery from the coast of
Africa by crusading knights. The cats were said to be bred to have quiet voices so as not to disturb
the meditation practices of the monks.

Another theory claims that in the 1920s, two sisters by the last name, Leger, discovered a colony
of cats inhabiting a small island off the coast of France (Brittany Island Belle-Ile). The Leger
sisters loved cats and worked on the Chartreux breed, presenting it in France for the first time in

The first Chartreux arrived in the United States in 1970. Helen Gamon from California brought
back a male Chartreux cat from a breeder in France; Madame Bastide. This male Chartreux is
credited for perpetuating the blue breed in America.

Chartreux Cat Behavior / Temperament

The Chartreux may be one of the quietest breeds around today – pet parents rarely hear its voice – except for a
soft chirp when it wants your attention. A born mouser, the Chartreux uses its silent nature to rid
your home and yard of vermin. Besides its hunting, athletic, and acrobatic abilities, the Chartreux
enjoys playing games and amusing its human companions with its fun-loving antics.

This shorthair feline is not one to be picked up but will climb onto your lap or sit beside you on
the couch when the mood strikes.

The Chartreux is also an intelligent cat, so keep it entertained with puzzle and fishing toys, or by
throwing a ball for it to fetch.

Chartreux Cat Physical Characteristics

Chartreux, Chartreux Cat breed, shorthair cat breedThe short haired Chartreux is a sturdy feline with a broad rounded head, full cheeks, and a sweet
expression (often described as a Mona Lisa smile). The blue, water-repellent coat is short and
thick and its medium-sized ears sit high on the head. However, perhaps the most striking feature
of the Chartreux is its large deep orange or copper-colored eyes.

Chartreux Cat Color

The coat of the purebred Chartreux comes in shades of blue-gray with silver tips.

Coat Care:

To maintain the Chartreux cat’s beautiful coat, simply run a comb through it weekly, or run your fingers
through the coat to gather any stray hairs. Twice a year the undercoat of this short-haired breed
will shed, so more frequent combings may be required. Only bath the Chartreux when absolutely