Top 5 of the Best Cats for Catching Mice

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Cats have many good attributes, but not all of them are the best cats for catching mice. Some felines are just too lazy, while others don’t possess the “killer instinct.”

If you’re wondering which breeds can get the job done, read on.

Top 5 of the Best Cats for Catching Mice

1. The Burmese Cat

Burmese Cat, cat with short hair, low shedding cat One of the best cats to hunt mice is the muscular and curious Burmese. This feline is often described as a “brick wrapped in silk” (a testament to its super-soft coat and solid build). The breed is highly intelligent, so it will figure out the best way to catch a mouse. The female Burmese will definitely “rule your home with an iron paw,” so she may prove herself to be the best hunting cat for the task.

However, if you’re looking for an outdoor cat to keep your barn pest-free, the Burmese is not your feline. This cat needs to be a part of the family unit and thrives on the love and companionship of its humans.

2. The Siamese Cat 

Siamese cat sitting in grass, siamese cat breed, pedigree cat, purebreed cat, purebred cat, low shedding catThe startling blue eyes and angular body of the Siamese are just a couple of its engaging and tantalizing qualities. This breed is also intelligent, agile, athletic, and loves to play. Whether that be with a fun toy, or chasing vermin around your house, having a Siamese around is one of the best ways to get rid of mice – just know that you may also have to have a lengthy conversation with your Siamese after he drops the “prize” at your feet.

As with the Burmese breed, the Siamese will also not do well kept away from its humans, so indoor-hunting only, please.

3. The Chartreux Cat

Chartreux, Chartreux Cat breed, short haired cat breed One of the best mouse hunting cats is the Chartreux. This feline is stealthy and quiet with superb timing and pouncing abilities that are no match for a small rodent. His agility and acrobatic antics will not only be entertaining to watch, but you can rest assured no mouse will even think about entering your home.

Another nice trait about the Chartreux is it’s not an overly-needy feline, so it doesn’t mind spending time alone napping on its favorite scratch post.

 4. The American Shorthair Cat

american-shorthair-cat, cat with short hair, pure breed cat, domestic cat, felineDon’t let the calm demeanor and laid back attitude of the American Shorthair fool you. This cat is smart and enjoys playing with puzzle toys or bringing his game to a whole new level with live prey like the mouse. In fact, the American Shorthair has a history of being one of the best cats to hunt mice (and all vermin). In 1634, a publication credits this solid, hardy-working feline with saving a New England colony’s crops from rodents.

Today, the American Shorthair is happy to bring its mouse-hunting skills into the home, but just know it prefers not to be carried around; however a warm spot beside you on the sofa is perfect.

5. The Manx Cat

Manx Cat standing, Manx cat, shorthair cat, domestic cat, feline, cats Not only is the Manx one of the oldest cat breeds, but this stocky heavily-boned feline is one of the best mouse hunting cats and most do it all with only a stumpy little tail. This breed is very easy-going and loves to be a part of a family unit (no barns for this guy). The Manx has a healthy appetite, so you may want to watch that it doesn’t eat “the kill.”

When this feline isn’t patrolling for vermin, its sweet disposition and loving nature make it an enjoyable companion and housemate.

What Makes a Feline the Best Cat to Hunt Mice?

There are qualities to look for in any cat to see if it has what it takes to hunt mice. The cat should;

  • Have an intense and sustained interest in playing
  • Chase, pounce and bite toys during play sessions
  • Stalk its toys
  • Shake toys vigorously after the “catch.”
  • Have lots of energy
  • Be patient and relentless

If you’re searching for the best cats for catching mice, then look to these top five breeds or mixed breeds with one of these in its genetic makeup. If you prefer to adopt a cat from a shelter, then observe the feline for mouse-hunting skills and traits.

Top 5 Short Hair Cat Breeds for an Active Family

Cats and babies, cat and toddler, kid friendly cats

Every active family looking for a playful cat breed can safely look among the short hair cat breeds as a great starting point.

Cats with short hair, are generally low maintenance which is perfect for a busy, active family looking for a pet to fit in with their lifestyle. Some short haired cats are hardy too and enjoy a bit of rough and tumble with children, and some even resemble a dog in nature and are happy to be walked on a leash! These kinds of qualities in a cat make them the best cat breeds for kids.

Active cats, Cat breeds for active families, cats good with kidsCats are intelligent, and you can teach them a trick or two – some cat breeds will even learn how to play “go and fetch”!

It’s a common assumption that cats steer clear of playing in water, but there are some short hair cat breeds that love to splash around with you in the water.

It is precisely these kinds of cats that make the best pets for kids. Young kids can be boisterous, and a short haired cat that is social, confident, not afraid of loud noises and loves a bit of rough and tumble will be the best cat breeds for kids.

It is certainly worth finding out then the names of these awesome cats for kids – the ones that can slot so easily into your lifestyle.

Top 5 cats for kids:


The Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian cat walking, shorthair cats, pedigree cat, domestic catLithe and muscular, the medium-sized Abyssinian is an alert cat, looking all around him and taking everything in. There’s nothing aloof about this high spirited, low maintenance cat, and he’s affectionate and devoted to his human family.

This cool cat isn’t a lap-cat but loves nothing more than to follow you around and be involved in everything that’s going on. He slots in perfectly to a house full of kids, being playful even as an adult. Kids love the Abyssinian as he can be just as naughty as they can, and his energy allows him to put in long hours of play.


Ocicat cat, shorthair cat, spotty cat, domestic catThe beautiful spotted Ocicat is a mix-breed cat between the Siamese, Abyssinian and American Shorthair. This cat just loves his human family and has some ‘dog-like’ characteristics. He can be taught to sit and fetch, not to mention that he will walk on a leash too. He is active, athletic and talkative, ready to hold a ‘conversation’ with anyone who will listen.

With their mood and actions being similar to that of a dog, don’t be surprised if he also jumps into the pool with you when you take a swim. Sociable and even tempered, this attractive cat makes a great family pet.

The Bombay Cat

Bombay Cat, Bombay cat breed, short hair cat, low shedding cat, domestic cat, purebred cat, felineThis miniature Panther look-alike cat with his copper colored eyes is medium-sized and loves hanging out with his human family. The Bombay cat is intelligent and intuitive, and can sense the mood of all his family members, adapting his behavior to suit each one.

He blends in perfectly with the lifestyle of his home, and the kids are delighted when he learns to open doors and even turn the TV on. He’s such an amicable pet and will be game to join in with the activities the family is busy with, or even simply invent a game for himself.

The Devon Rex Cat

Devon Rex Cat on its rear haunches, Rex Cat, short haired cat, low shedding cat, cat breed, feline, curly hair catInteresting to look at, the independent, pixi-like Devon Rex cat is an awesome feline, drawing attention just by his aura. His large eyes and ears are indicative of alertness and curiosity.

Your Devon Rex is also known as a low shedding cat breed which is another advantage. He is considered a true companion – outgoing and people-centered, full of beans, seeming to never run out of energy. He’ll follow you around but be more than ready to be called outside to get up to mischief with the kids.

The Burmese Cat 

Burmese cat chocolate color shorthair catThe Burmese is a wonderful child-friendly cat, full of playfulness and energy and loves to spend time with his human family. Always entertaining and amusing, they thrive in a busy, active household. They also have some characteristics similar to dogs, learning to walk on a leash and being able to fetch toys.

Best Pets for Kids – Short Hair Cats that Impress

There are a number of factors to consider when thinking of a specific cat for your family, but these short hair cat breeds can be seriously considered. They’re all robust kitty cats that just want to be counted in as one of the family.

What is a Purebreed Cat?

Korat cat, shorthair cat, low shedding cat

Are you confused about the difference between a purebred cat and a pedigreed cat? Don’t worry. You’re not the first.

Simply put, a purebreed cat (or purebred cat as it is sometimes called) s one that has the same breed of feline all through its lineage like a Siamese cat, or a Korat cat. But wait. It can also include crossbreeding.


This now brings us to the pedigree cat or pedigreed cat.

A pedigree cat is one that has its lineage recorded so that it could have different cat breeds through its genetic pool.

Bombay Cat, Bombay cat breed, short hair cat, low shedding cat, domestic cat, purebred cat, feline

Let’s take the Bombay cat as an example. This feline is a purebred, but if you were to dig far enough back into its family “litter box” you’d find the genetics for the Burmese and the American Shorthair cat. Both these breeds were used to produce the “new” breed of the Bombay cat.

The only way you can “rightfully” call your feline friend a “purebreed” is to have it certified by the Cat Fanciers Association.

Is My Rescue Cat a Purebreed?

Siamese cat sitting in grass, siamese cat breed, pedigree cat, purebreed cat, purebred cat, low shedding catMost shelters are overflowing with cats, and yes, some may even be purebred, but how would you know?

The first step is to see which registered purebred your cat mostly resembles. This can be easy if it has distinctive features like those angular features and startling blue eyes of the Siamese cat breed. However, determining a specific breed can be a difficult piece of kibble to crack.

Unless your rescue cat was brought in by a person who knows for sure that the feline is indeed a purebred and has the documentation to prove it, or the shelter went into a breeder’s facility and removed the animals, all you know for sure is you have a cat that looks like a purebred.

DNA Testing & Cats

Cat breed DNA testing. purebreed cat, purebred cat, pedigree cat, feline, shorthair cat breedsThere once was a time when DNA testing was only performed by forensic scientists or to determine a biological father. However, we live in a time of technology and with that advanced science comes the ability to DNA our pets.

If you need to know what your BFF is genetically made up of, you can purchase a DNA kit.


These tests range in price, collection techniques, and, of course, accuracy. According to UC Davis Veterinary Medicine, the accuracy is about 90% based on two factors; 

  1. The quality of the DNA sample used.
  2. The quality of the database used to test the sample.

Buccal swabs (cells are taken from the inside of the cheek) using a special brush are effective and usually provide enough DNA material for the 170 tests needing to be performed. Cotton swabs can also be used, but be aware that if they stay wet too long and bacteria begin to grow on the sample, it will be inaccurate or destroyed entirely. Blood samples are excellent, but they have to be done through a veterinarian.

The quality of the database used is also significant when determining DNA. These tests match your cat’s lineage based on statistical analysis, so each “finding” will be reported as a probability, not an exact match. If your cat’s “profile” is not in the company’s database, it will automatically go to the next closest match.

Some kits only have a small database to test the sample against, so your results may be limited.

Why Doesn’t My Cat Look Like it’s Cat Breed Profile?

Siamese kittens, Siamese cats, Siamese cat breed, purebreed cat, pedigree cat, shorthair cat breeds, low shedding catPet parents may be shocked when their cat’s genetic makeup is totally different than its physical appearance. However, we shouldn’t be surprised. DNA in animals is not much different than our own – we may not closely resemble anyone in our immediate family, but if we were to do a deep dive, we may find a great, great, great relative that could be our twin.

According to science, appearance is controlled by a very small set of genes which contain both recessive and dominant genes, how the variants of these genes mesh, will determine your cat’s appearance. For example, if your cat has a dominant blue eye gene, he will most likely have blue eyes. But there could also be a recessive long hair gene, even if your cat has short hair.

This means through genetic testing, what you once thought was a Siamese cat, may very well contain Himalayan DNA (and other long or short hair cat breeds).

Purebred Cat, Purebreed Cat, Pedigreed Cat or Moggy – Does it Really Matter?

Whether your pet is a purebred cat, a pedigreed cat, or a complete moggy, what does it really matter? The advantages of having a purebred cat or a pedigreed cat are you will know what to expect in terms of appearance, personality, and genetic health issues.

On the other paw, there’s also something to be said about the surprises that come with a moggy.

Either way, choose a cat that fits your lifestyle so that you can be the best pet parent possible to your new kitty cat.

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