Bombay  Cat

Bombay Cat Behavior / Temperament: Intelligent, happy, lap cat, active, easygoing, affectionate

Bombay Cat Color: Black with yellow eyes

Weight: Female 6 – 9 pounds, Male 8 – 12 pounds

Lifespan:  12 – 16+ years

Maintenance: Low

Low shedding cat


Bombay Cat Origin

The Bombay cat is a beautifully sleek, fully black cat with large yellow eyes. It resembles a panther which was in fact the impetus for developing this breed. The Bombay cat was created from a crossbreed of a Sable Burmese which is dark brown in color, and a black American Shorthair cat back in the 1950s.

Bombay Cat Physical Characteristics

The resulting Bombay cat is a medium sized cat with a more svelte and athletic looking body than its Burmese ancestor.  It has a round, slightly large head with a small nose and large yellowy, coppery eyes, but its distinctive feature is its shorthair coat which is completely black. Its paws and nose are also black, in fact the only physical features not black are its eyes. The coat is so shiny that it glistens which accentuates the Bombay’s movement.

Bombay Cat Behavior / Temperament

Bombay cats are intelligent, affable and happy cats that like to purr a lot, they are affectionate and enjoy being a lap cat but can also be lively and fun loving. They will fit well into family life and have been known to learn how to walk on a leash and play the game commonly associated with pet dogs: ‘fetch’ – maybe a Bombay cat is the perfect hybrid of a pet cat and dog!