Birman Cat

Birman Cat, low shedding cat










Birman Cat Behavior / Temperament: Docile, loving, sweet natured, curious

Birman Cat Point Colors: Chocolate, seal, lilac, fawn

Weight: 6 – 12 pounds

Lifespan: 14+ years

Maintenance: Low

Low Shedding Cat


Birman Cat Origin

The Birman cat breed’s origins are steeped in mythology. However, we do know the Birman originates from the crosses of Siamese cats with Angoras or Persians. It also remains unclear when or where those original pairings occurred and whether it was in South East Asia or France.

Either way, the breed was recognized for the first time in 1925 in France. The Birman was then imported in 1959 to the United States and recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1967.

Birman Cat Coat

The Birman resembles a Siamese in its markings as it also has points which are darker than its body, its distinguishing features though are their white paws – they look like they have white anklet socks on! As with other cats with points, a Birman kitten is born without visible point markings – they develop over the first few weeks of life.

Coat Care

The silky texture and lack of  undercoat of the Birman will require weekly grooming to catch those loose hairs. However, this breed tends to shed its “winter” coat in the spring months, so more frequent grooming should be done then.

Despite the Birman having longer hair than some of the other shorthair cats profiled on this website, it is a low shedding cat as it doesn’t produce down hair which makes it easier to groom and maintain.

Birman Cat Behavior / Temperament

This lovely, soulful cat enjoys being held and cuddled by its favorite human companion. It is a docile breed, but not “dumb.” It is sweet natured and easy going. However it does have a curious character and has been known to explore its way under floorboards that are being replaced and even taking a ride on top of a car. Watch the Birman as he loves to explore and be involved in all you do.