Top Cat Accessories 2020

It can be a lot of fun shopping for pet supplies for your cat, but there are so many options in cat accessories on the market it is difficult to find the best products for your precious kitten or cat. Don’t worry, to save you time and angst, we have done the research for you – see the reviews below of the best cat accessories for you and your short haired cat.

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Cat Tree and Cat Condo

Cat tree, Cat condo, cat scratching post  Go Pet Club 72 inch cat tree, cat gym, cat scratching posts  Vesper cat tree and condos, cat tower, cat tree with scratching posts

Cat Trees and Condos are a great source of entertainment and exercise for your cat. An indoor cat certainly needs a cat tree with a scratching post to keep it active and therefore healthy. Cats also love lazing around and sleeping on the cat tree, especially in a condo if the cat tree has one. It also allows your beloved feline to climb up high to gain a vantage point to survey their Kingdom or Queendom! But an outdoor cat won’t want to miss out, even if they climb trees and fences outside, they still love playing and climbing inside. 

It’s in cats’ natures to claw, so if you don’t have a scratching post, your furniture will definitely get damaged. Most Cat Trees and Condos have a scratching post integrated into them so you don’t need a separate scratching post if you buy a cat tree.


Check out the top 2 Cat Trees and Condos under $50.


1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House Furniture

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo Beige Color, cat tower, cat bedThis cat tree is also really good value for the money. It has 3 tiers above the base including a cat condo on the second level for hiding and sleeping in. Consumers report that their cats love the dangling toy, although it does eventually get pulled off, but then it can become a toy for playing with on the ground. The color of this cat condo tree is a neutral beige so will match in with anyone’s home.

This cat tree is made for small cats only – research shows that some consumers find it to be a bit unstable or “wobbly”. I recommend  placing this cat tree next to a wall to gain extra stability.

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Instructions are clear and easy to follow and tools are included – on average this tree house takes roughly 10 – 15 minutes to assemble.

Cat Tree’s construction materials: Compressed wood, faux fur (sheds slightly initially) and sisal rope for the upright scratching columns.

Measurements are: base board: 16 x 16 inches, or 1 foot 4 inches, overall width and depth dimensions:  19 x 19 inches, 1 foot 7 inches squared. Height is 51 inches, or 4 foot 3 inches.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo on first level, cat gym, cat tower


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2. AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts, cat tower, cat tree

This cheap cat tree is a good basic product which is provides value for money.

It has 2 levels above the base which have platforms for your beloved pet cat(s) to sit or lay on and climb up to the next level; all of the upright posts connecting the platforms are covered in jute which your cat can scratch to his or her heart’s content.

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AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with cozy cat bed, cat bed, cat towerThe top floor of this cat tree has a small platform with a low wall circling the platform which makes for a cozy place for small to medium sized cats to climb into and curl up and nap in.

When reviewing this particular cat tower, overall, consumers have found it to be reasonably sturdy and stable but, a word of warning, this cat tree is only suitable for small to medium sized cats. Some consumers have commented about a chemical smell but this dissipates after it has been aired out for a few days.


Cat tree, cat scratching post, cat tower, cat bed

AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree assembly parts, cat tree, cat condoInstructions are clear and easy to follow and tools are included – this cat gym with scratching posts only takes a few minutes to assemble.

This cat tree’s construction consists of MDF, carpet (a nice neutral color so it doesn’t scream “Look at me, I am the most interesting thing in the room!”), paper tubes and jute.

Measurements are 15.7 x 15.7 x 31.5 inches – so the base measures just over 1 and a quarter feet, and the overall height is just over 2 and a half feet.

AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with cat sitting on top, cat activity gym, cat scratching post





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Top 3 Cat Trees and Condos from $50 – $100


1. FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats, 2 Cozy Plush Condos and Sisal Posts


Cat tree, cat condo, cat tower, cat scratching post, cat furniture, cat scratch, scratching postThis is a really good quality cat tree suitable for all cat sizes, research shows it to be stable and sturdy, with a luxurious, plush feel cats love it, so I’m sure your feline will too. The top level which can fit two cats at once, has a raised cushioned edge that your kittens and cats can snuggle next to while gazing out a window or at you! Alternatively if they feel like hiding away, they can go “downstairs” to find their choice of two condos!

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Cat tree, Cat condo, Cat Tower, Cat scratching post, Cat furniture, Cat bed, Cat scratch, scratching post.If your precious cat feels the need for a stretch and scratch with their claws, no problem, there are two scratching posts, one on each level. This cat tree comes in three different colors, so you are sure to find one that suits you.

It is recommended to place this cat tree in a corner.

This cat tree and condo takes about 30 minutes to assemble. All parts and tools are provided and the product is backed with a 30 month warranty.

Cat Tree’s construction materials: CARB-Certified Particle Board, Plush fabric, Sisal Rope

Colors: Light gray, smoky gray and beige.

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2. Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 62 inch cat tree, cat condo, cat towerConsumer feedback on this cat tree is extremely positive.

Cats of all sizes love playing and hanging out on this cat tree, but if you have a cat on the large size, the condo space on the second level is probably too small for it and there is some consensus that the hammock hanging underneath one of the platforms has a tendency to fall off leaving some hooks exposed, however the hammock and hooks can easily be left off without impacting the integrity of the cat tree at all, and even without the hammock there is still plenty of fun to be had on this cat tower!

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This is an excellent value cat play gym, it  provides lots of interest and areas for playing, lazing about and scratching – some consumers claim that this cat gym has stopped their cats from scratching their furniture – now that is value for money alone!


Cat tree, cat tower, cat gymThis cat tree is sturdy and stable, it has room for a number of cats but, if they are all darting about and jumping all over it, placing it next to a wall for extra support would be advisable.

It comes in a range of colors so you are sure to find a color you love.

Colors:  Beige, black, blue and brown.

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3. Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree


Go Pet Club 72 inch cat tree, cat gym, cat scratching postsThis large cat tree, (some would say huge), gets rave revues; cats and pet parents alike love it! This cat climbing gym is great value for money; it has so much for a cat of any size to do. Your precious feline can run up and down the ladders, climb the scratching posts, hide in condos and climb all over a multitude of levels right up to the very top if it wants and settle on the top platform to purvey its kingdom!

Cat tree and condo, cat tree, scratching post

This is a sturdy, great quality cat tree, however at 6 foot tall; it should probably be placed in a corner for added support. You know how wild cats can get when in action mode!

cat scratching post, cat tower, cat condo

Assembly of your cat tree is pretty easy, it takes about 15 minutes, instructions and tools are included. There are a range of colors available so choose the best for you.

Colors: Beige, Beige/Black, Black, Brown and Brown/Black, Gray

Construction materials: Faux fur, wood, sisal rope.

cat condo, cat tower, scratching post


Top Cat tree and condos over $100

FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches, Stable

Cat tower, cat tree with scratching posts and cat beds, cat playing gymThis Multi-level, multi condo, cat tower has received rave reviews from genuine purchasers. It is variously described as being sturdy, stable, great quality, luxurious and soft, large and suitable for large and small cats alike with plenty of scope for fun, playful activity.

This cat tree has fun toys attached for playing with and plenty of scratching posts incorporated into the structure where your kitty cat can scratch and stretch as much as it wants.

Feandrea Cat Condo Tower for large cats, cat tower and condo, cat tree with cat beds and scratching postsThere will be no fighting over places to sleep as there are plenty of cat beds for everyone! I think you could call this cat tree and condo heaven for cats. The only thing missing is a cat parent who is willing to spend time petting and scratching behind their pet cat’s ears!


cat tree, cat scratching post, cat tower

A tiny minority have complained about a part missing which was replaced and a discount given; and the toys being attached to the cat tree by staples – if the toys start to pull away or become damaged through constant play, you can always remove them with relative ease. This is the case with any cat trees which have cat toys attached to them.

cat trees, cat condo, cat tower


Vesper Cat Furniture

If you are looking for a cat tree that is a bit stylish and different, but your cat will still enjoy,  then you can’t go past the Vesper Cat Furniture. This cat furniture has a more streamlined look than traditional cat trees, and has a mid- century vibe.

Removable cat pad cat tree and cat condo, cat tower with scratching posts, cat bed with washable cat memory foam cushion

Vesper Cat Furniture has memory foam cushions which cats love, and consumers particularly like that you can remove the cushions and scratching mats for cleaning.

Here are 3 types of cat tree condo combinations in the Vesper Cat Furniture range that have received excellent ratings from consumers:

1.       V-Base – the basic model which has one condo and a lower top perch (32 inches) than the other models

Vesper cat tree and condo, cat playing gym, cat towerCat Condo Vesper V Base cat tower, cat tree and cat bed with scratching post, cat climbing gym

best cat tree, cat scratching post reviews, cat tower,

2.       V-Double – this cat condo model has 2 condos and a medium high top perch (roughly 41 inches)

Vesper cat double condo and tower, cat tree, cat gymCat Condo Vesper V Double cat tree, cat condo with cat bed and scratching post, cat climbing gym

best cat tree, cat scratching post reviews, cat tower

3.       V-High Base – this model has 1 condo, long scratching posts and 3 platforms for your kitten or cat to rest on.

Vesper tall cat tree, cat gym, cat condoCat condo Vesper V High Base cat tower, cat condo, cat tree


 cat scratching post, cat tower, cat condo

A tiny percentage of consumers who reviewed their Vesper cat trees found that the seagrass scratching poles didn’t stand up to wear as much as they would have liked, but replacement parts are available.

cat condo, cat tower, cat scratching post