Bengal Cat

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Bengal Cat Behavior / Temperament: Loving, playful, active, intelligent, loves family life (be careful with very young children as the Bengal will retaliate if mishandled), independent, great hunter

Bengal Cat Colors: Brown, gray/tawny, vivid orange/gold, dark colors in markings similar to a wild cat such as a Cheetah or Leopard.

Weight: 8 to 15 pounds

Lifespan: 14 to 16+ years

Maintenance: Low


Bengal Cat Origin

The Bengal cat’s first incarnation as a domestic breed was a cross breed between a domestic cat and a non-domestic Asian Leopard Cat.

Bengal Cat Physical Characteristics

The Bengal cat has very distinctive, beautiful markings, resembling a wild Bengal cat or leopard. In addition to its bold leopard-like markings, its physical features include a super-plush coat, broad head and high cheekbones. 

Bengal Cat Behavior / Temperament

Not only is the Bengal breed remarkably stunning, it has a great personality. It loves human companionship and even the affections of small children, although be careful when your beloved Bengal has had enough “unwanted attention” as it will strike out. This feline is high energy and intelligent, so keep your Bengal engaged in interactive play or even outside for some outdoor fun. They are active, athletic, svelte mid to large cats who are great hunters of rats and even small possums and occasionally birds.

Bengal cat running, Bengal domestic cat, Bengal cat

Bengal Cats love the hustle and bustle of family life and are very loyal. They follow you around and tend to want to be near you but they are not a lap cat, however, having said that, our Bengal, who is 16 years old, has mellowed in her old age and now regularly asks to sit on our laps but will only settle there if we lay a blanket over our legs! As with all cats, this breed has plenty of quiet time too, in fact one of its favorite, downtime things to do is soak up the heat in the sun or lie next to a heating vent – a Bengal cat loves heat

They also have quite the voice, they will meow softly like any other cat, but when they want something they will actually yell their meows – people who haven’t come across a Bengal before are very surprised when they hear these types of meows! On the other hand, their purring is quite soft.

Bengal Cat Coat

The Bengal’s shorthair coat is plush but very easy for the feline to maintain, so requires very little grooming. 

Bengals have the softest fur of any domestic cat I have ever patted, they enjoy vigorous patting until they have suddenly had enough, at which time they will give you a bit of a swipe with their paw or even a soft bite! Of course we discourage this behavior, but you need to become adept at reading their body language to know when to stop.

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