American Shorthair Cat

American Shorthair Cat Behavior / Temperament: Loving, affectionate, easy going, great hunter

American Shorthair Cat Colors: A big range of colors including cream, white, silver, orange, red, blue and black in a range of markings, can often have tabby like markings.

Weight: Female 7 – 12 pounds, Male 11 – 15 pounds

Lifespan: 15+ years

Maintenance: Low


American Shorthair Cat origin

American Shorthair cats originated from Europe; they found their way across to North America via ships, the ships’ crews liked to have them on board to keep the rodent population under control so they were used for the purpose of catching mice and rats, which they excelled at, they have even been known to hunt insects.

They flourished in North America as they are great hunters. Whilst its origins were that of a common cat they became a recognized breed in the 1960s as breeders wanted to establish an official American Shorthair cat breed.

American Shorthair Cat Behavior / Temperament

This type of cat is loving and affectionate, easy going and, of course, a great hunter, it is also a healthy, strong cat. Whilst the American Shorthair  may resemble an ordinary tabby in appearance, it is a pure breed with a consistent nature and physical shape.

American Shorthair Cat Colors

Due to its common cat heritage, the American Shorthair cat comes in a big range of colors and patterns, and can often have tabby like markings. Colors can run the gamut of cream, white, silver, orange, red, blue and black.