Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian Cat Behavior / Temperament: Highly intelligent, loves company, but not really a lap cat, loyal, active

Abyssinian Cat Colors: Various colors with ticking (different colored horizontal stripes on each hair) including reds, coppers, chocolates, blues, fawn, silver

Weight: Female 6 – 8 pounds, Male 7 – 10 pounds

Lifespan: 15+ years

Maintenance: Low

Abyssinian Cat Origin

The Abyssinian cat’s origins are not entirely clear, although it is thought that this feline came across to Britain by way of Abyssinia, now named Ethiopia. The Aby resembles Egyptian cats depicted in ancient Egyptian artwork but there are also suggestions that this cat breed has ancestors in Southeast Asia. Regardless, the Abyssinian is a very old breed of cat that came via Britain to the USA in the early 1900s.

Abyssinian Cat Behavior / Temperament

The Abyssinian cat, or “Aby(s)” as it is often called, is a highly intelligent and inquisitive shorthair cat. It is also very active and a climber. An Abyssinian likes  to be in the thick of things and whilst it loves its human pet it is generally not a lap cat, although there have been exceptions. It thinks it rules the roost and will try to orchestrate daily life. Like a pet dog, it will follow you around the house and enjoys playing. The Aby is a lithe, athletic cat with the body to match and has distinctive, large, pointy ears.

Abyssinian Cat Colors

It has a short haired ticked coat, (ticking is when a cat hair has bands of different colors along the length of the hair) which comes in a variety of hues but, officially: Ruddy, a browny color; Cinnamon or Sorrel, a reddish color; Fawn, a light version of Cinnamon, caramel; and, Blue, a gray blue color.