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Bengal cat Cheetah in garden, Bengal cat breed, shorthair cat, pedigree cat, purebred cat, feline, cat breedsThe Short Hair Cat Guru is a lifelong cat lover, having had pet cats since infancy. The cat guru’s current pet cat is a Bengal called Cheetah. You can see Cheetah’s photos right and below and in the Bengal Cat section of the Short Hair Cat Breeds page. She’s our cute cat and we love her!

Are you wondering what cat breed is best for you? Short hair cats require much less maintenance than long hair cats and are not as susceptible to parasites too. This allows you to really enjoy your cat without the worry and upkeep of a long haired cat. 

This website has been set up to inform  you about everything you could possibly want to know about short haired cats and those that are low shedding cats – the qualities and idiosyncrasies each cat breed has and their distinctive markings. So you can decide which pet cat is the right one for you.

Now I know that anyone with a pet cat is going to need to buy products to help look after their precious kitty cat, so I have researched consumer reviews of cat accessories and come up with my recommendations for the best products to buy at price points to suit everyone’s budget. Check out the top cat accessories of 2019 

The Short Hair Cats Guru also shows you how to look after your cat to optimize your relationship with your precious feline.