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Shorthair cat breeds

Is a short haired cat the ideal pet? Cats make purrfect pets! Depending on the breed you choose, you can have a cat that is as affectionate and loving as you desire, or one which is still loving but more

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Devon Rex kittens, short haired kittens, low shedding cats

Low Shedding Cat Breeds

Is your cat one of the low shedding cat breeds? If not, I know what you’re going through. We love our fur babies to pieces, but sometimes, all that hair can be a bit too much. Wouldn’t it be great

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Cat Accessories reviews

Top Cat Accessories 2020

It can be a lot of fun shopping for pet supplies for your cat, but there are so many options in cat accessories on the market it is difficult to find the best products for your precious kitten or cat.

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Types of Cats

While cats tend to have a reputation of being more independent than dogs, the degree of your cat’s independence, or, in other words, self absorption, will depend on the cat breed you end up choosing. There are many types of cats and a range of cat breeds in the shorthair cat category which possess a variety of characteristics particular to their cat breed. These differing characteristics encompass physical features and colors, the cat’s personality traits and their need for attention and physical contact.

Let’s have a look at the various short haired cat breeds available and find the best cat for your household.

This Month's Featured Short Haired Cat Breeds

Which short haired cat breed is best for you?

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Purebred Cats versus Moggy Cats

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There is nothing wrong with a moggy cat (domesticated tabby), they tend to be relatively cheap to buy, or you can pick one up from an animal rescue center for the cost of de-sexing, however, you never really know what type of personality is packaged up in your little bundle of fur until you have taken it home and lived with it for a while. You might hit the jackpot with a lovely tempered moggy cat or you might not be so lucky.

With a pedigree or purebred cat breed you have a strong lineage from which to gauge your kitty cat’s likely personality, habits and temperament. You are also able to be very specific in your choice of looks. You may find that a particular cat breed is calling your name!

Reviews of cat accessories: best buys ranging from budget to top of the line.

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Do shorthair kittens and cats require much maintenance?

If you love cats, and how could you not, but don’t want to spend a whole lot of your time grooming your pet cat, then a shorthair cat is the way to go. Shorthair cats require much less maintenance than long hair cats as they are largely able to groom themselves, although you may want to brush their coat softly every now and then. Another advantage shorthaired cats over their longhaired counterparts is being more mobile – not having to carry around a bulky coat enables cats with short hair to be more athletic and lithe. They are obviously not as dependent on their human companions for the upkeep of their coat, so they are naturally more independent.

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There is a plethora of cat breeds that have short hair so there is certainly plenty to choose from to find that special cat that will become a valuable member of your family, possibly even the favorite family member!

Cats are, generally speaking, more independent than dogs, so tend to require less attention than dogs. While they don’t need to be “walked” they do, however, still need to have exercise.

If your cat is an indoor cat, you definitely need to create an environment that encourages play and activity. Cats like to be up high to purvey their kingdom, so cat trees are a great product to buy for your cat as they provide both height for your beloved feline to sit on and an apparatus for climbing up. If you are handy, you could even make one as a fun DIY weekend project. In addition to a cat tree, cat condo or scratching post, buying some fun cat toys that inspire chasing or hunting instincts are also a great source of activity and exercise.


Outdoor cats still love to play when they’re inside, even if they climb trees and chase and hunt rats, insects and other prey when outside. They particularly like climbing up any furniture that gives them a a high perch to sit on so buying them a cat tree will help keep your furniture from getting scratched! If you place it in a sunny spot, your beloved pet will lay on top thinking, ooh this is the life! Have a look at the reviews on best cat accessories to see what is available – you’ll be amazed at the great products on the market.


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